thule roof bag installation Maximum space efficiency across a wide range of vehicle fits Easy to mount thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system. It's can hold quite a bit of cargo, mounts securely, and is weatherproof as well. We have a 2007 Acura MDX and it fits perfectly and securely between the fully extended rails. Thule - Bring your life Pack your ski gear in Thule RoundTrip ski bags, and put the things you need close at hand in Thule Upslope ski backback. Title Thule Roof Rack Installation Instructions Author CARiD Subject Thule Roof Rack Installation Instructions Keywords roof racks, cargo boxes, carriers, luggage rack, crossbars, rail bars, cargo bags, cargo nets, baskets, ski racks 10/10 for uber pair of roof racks which look like they will last. Max roof load = load carrier weight + any fitted carrier accessories + the weight of the load itself. A happy customer. Just check to make sure they suit your roof box/bag/items before buying. Thuleは、たいせつな荷物を安全、簡単、スタイリッシュに運搬できるように支援します。アクティブな人生を自由にお楽しみください。Thule - Bring your life 【条件付き送料無料】【国内正規品】 スーリー ジェットバック 。【クーポンで最大1500円OFF】THULE ソフトルーフボックス レンジャー500 ライトオープン 品番:6035【キャリア】【自動車パーツ】 スーリー Foldable Roof Boxes 【個人宅も送料お客様負担にて配送可能】 I attached 1-Thule Quest Rooftop Cargo Bag, 4-attachment straps, 1-protective shoulder storage bag, 1-user's manual/warranty card. Page 3 SECURING BAG TO RACK / FIXATION DU SAC SUR LA GALERIE / FIJACIÓN DE LA BOLSA AL PORTAEQUIPAJES MOUNTING TO CROSSBARS / INSTALLATION SUR BARRES TRANSVERSALES / MONTAJE A Page 4 Made in China / FABRIQUÉ AUX China / Hecho en China THULE INC., 42 SILVERMINE RD. I use a Thule roof bag and everything fits fine. Insert the Top Strap On RoofBag Car Top Carrier Find the bag with the label Top Strap and open it. Simply put this rack is stupid expensive even with the appreciation for the German engineering (yes, I know it Swedish, I'm joking). The integrated torque indicator clicks when it’s properly mounted, ensuring fast "*3��̝-�������o%������p��F叁���fP��`�T�1h�011�1���#���b������ؐ.�L�4�p�N4 lC��� So, I finally got around to installing the Thule Roof rack after having pieced it together from various places in an effort to save money. Easy installation onto most roofs. Handles make it easy to lift the bag, a padded bottom prevents shifting on your roof, and internal straps secure your cargo. Water-resistant bag lets you transport up to 16 cu ft of gear. Slide the Thule® - Outbound Roof Cargo Bag Installation Instructions Warranty THULE will warranty all THULE brand car rack systems and its accessories manufactured by THULE during the time that an original retail purchaser owns the product. リンダーの数は4個、8個、12個、16個からお選びいただけます。. Thuleは1942年にスウェーデンで創業して以来、世界をより身近なものにすること、そして生への情熱をより確かな実感にすることをビジネスにしています。アクティブなライフスタイルを共有する家族や、アウトドアをこよなく愛する人々に貢献したい。 2. Key Features Carries up to 13 cubic feet or up to 110 lbs of cargo (Before loading check weight capacity of your roof as stated by vehicle manufacturer) FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier, 15 Cubic Feet Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier with Anti-Slip Mat + 8 Reinforced Straps + 4 Door Hooks Suitable for All Vehicle with/Without Rack 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,657 $77.99 $ 77. View all Thule product range including Thule roof racks, roof boxes and baskets, Thule bike carriers, luggage and various accessories for your active life. Thule® - Interstate Roof Cargo Bag Installation Instructions Warranty THULE will warranty all THULE brand car rack systems and its accessories manufactured by THULE during the time that an original retail purchaser owns the product. 車の荷室が足りずにお困りではありませんか?車を買い換える前にTHULEルーフボックスを是非ご検討下さい。従来のハードボックスに加え、折り畳んで収納できるソフトルーフボックスもラ … always the lower maximum recommended load that applies. GENERAL INSTALLATION 1. Thule Roof Cargo Boxes Installation Instructions Keywords "roof cargo boxes, waterproof cargo boxes, roof rack boxes, roof rack cargo boxes, roof-mounted … ������Or�!���90)�Z��}�Q2�i�?�B��G@@@Mp��0��7�����l����0��a��! Easy Installation Installation of the Tahoe Rooftop Cargo Bag is simple. Clean Car's Rooftop Place the carrier on a clean roof and (preferably) on a Protective Mat. ���A��`�h� 0%bb�%bbbcc�`fP bg�d#bagfcc���A��/YY�X$�t����XX�����v�mF�?�?<8Y���(����h�h��g&bo�bk�D�ʠ�0�4q�w$bb��g��q82��9���AJT���U���Q\�]XD�U����L�,\��LL�L\\���b����,\�b�"�,\L�L�\��Lbl�,\��zRv� w��4ga�kff�GA�? THULE(スーリー)のルーフボックスはジェットバッグと呼ばれています。 これはTHULE社が、当時ドイツでルーフボックスを製造していたジェットバッグ社を買収し、会社をブランド丸ごとTHULE(スーリー)社として受けついだ事に由来します。 We went with the bag instead of a rigid carrier for two main reasons: it takes up less space, and if we happen to forget it's on the roof when we pull into the garage, it'll do less destruction. Thule Interstate - Durable, highly weather-resistant cargo bag with space for a family's gear. 'S���pq��D��9��ѾD�����YT��89������b��� �Gp�pp)p�pPDph&��1apsp: �`i����ܧ:�z���Q\���m40@j�)�B@q}�T/���1E66!$�Y*$�d��k�4D�z�?�N�M�4�Ar��������h���.����"������ x�AЃ)� �zIf�_Ҙe�:u��=!�M�i�=. Thule Tepui Boot Bag Double シューズやブーツをテントの外に掛けて、テント内を清潔で湿気のない状態に保つことができます。 16,500円 (税込) 16500.00 0 JPY Make sure all knobs, bolts, screws, straps, and locks are firmly attached, tightened and locked before every trip. The Thule Interstate Roof Cargo Bag part # TH869 would be a great option for a roof bag to fit your 2018 Acura MDX with a factory roof rack. • Always make sure all doors are open when mounting a roof rack system. � ����˶ڶmsڶmۨ6�m��m��m۶m���y�����s��xq*"#3�Z����+��\QT�����|�`f��������� Thule car rack installation instructions (8 pages) Automobile Accessories Thule Dynamic 900/L 6129 Instructions Manual Roof box for roof-mounted racks (12 pages) Thule helps you transport anything you care for safely, easily and in style so that you are free to live your active life.

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