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When I built my first PC a few years back, I used the excellent Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO to cool the processor. Reversing the direction of rotation will be difficult. I intend to do that with fans as a push config - the fans will be Noctua NF-F12s. What's the size of the radiator? Planning on building a computer but need some advice? This morning i stripped the PC to clean out all the dust. Especially if your GPU is not a blower-style card. 120mm is a waste of money. Forums. AMD only has 2 screws to tighten, might try tightening a bit more before ripping it out again, I don't have stuff to clean the paste with yet. There's also static pressure, which describes how good it is at forcing air through obstructions. Top radiator is 360mm long. The direction a fan blows air is always determined by (A) the shape of the blades (sometimes called propellers) and (B) the direction they turn. A really interessting test considering that top intake is the best cooling option in this case. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thermaltake Riing Quad radiator fan is designed with 4 independent LED rings totaling 54 LEDs and 16... 39,99 € Riing Quad 14 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition Single Fan Pack - White These are 140mm and 120mm RGB fans from top brands and they offer great RGB lighting effects and modes. Nov 14, 2011 105 0 0. The Another part of the discussion is which direction the radiator fans should ... but I'm not sure about my main PC. Push or pull makes no difference. Anyone is welcome to seek the input of our helpful community as they piece together their desktop. It has never occurred to me which direction the fan should be blowing. Everything I have stays WITHIN aka is in the INTERIOR of my case. When looking at our fans, the Front or Intake side of the fan will always be the side that has the Cooler Master Logo in the center of the blades. The direction a fan blows air is always determined by (A) the shape of the blades (sometimes called propellers) and (B) the direction they turn. Status Not open for further replies. I connect the ventilator and fan on the back side of my case, so it's the the back case, fan, ventilator (fan is sandwiched). Did you peel the plastic off before mounting it? What matters is how much your case restricts airflow. Rather than attaching themselves directly to components, intake and exhaust fans attach to your computer’s case. ... PC Trays; Bay Devices . I always thought the lack of proper airflow would tax the GPU … Software Control and Monitoring PSU; Premium Performance & RGB effect PSU; Popular & reliable PSU; Accessories; AIO Liquid Cooling. As long as your load temps are good there isn't a problem. I had the fans in push (exhaust) under the radiator, but it got to be a pain removing the fans to clean cat hair buildup. Fig. Reseat the pump and apply new (better) paste. That should (according to the Lian-Li PC-O11D details) allow me to fit standard 25mm fans and the radiator in the side section. Mounting bushings and bolts are included. Er besteht meist aus einem gut wärmeleitenden Metall, seine Oberfläche hat meist einen hohen Emissionsgrad.Umgangssprachlich werden mitunter auch Heiz-oder Kühlkörper (siehe dort) als Radiator bezeichnet – diese geben die Wärme vor allem über Wärmeleitung an die angrenzende Luftschicht ab, … Had some guy ask me which direction a fan worked, this applies to *most* PC fans that you will see (it does apply to the fan you were asking about Doug) It should draw air through the radiator from front to back. If a blade is angled down and the fan turns in the same direction as the blade angle, it will blow forward. Another part of the discussion is which direction the radiator fans should be facing. Order (case, fan, radiator) is not very important. /r/buildapc is a community-driven subreddit dedicated to custom PC assembly. Raise the pump speed and fan speeds to a point where they're running faster, but still quiet at idle and then speed up under load. Previous Next A. andrewboon Member. More and more fans today are designed to provide better air pressure whether they are going on a radiator or computer heatsink. This was with a 2-wire fan. Holding paper in front of a powered fan will also reveal airflow. Cases & Cooling. 240mm or bigger is suitable for a 3900X. | = Back of case wall F = Fan R = Radiator < = Air being blown to the left. Make sure the radiator is mounted in the font of the case and not the top where the gpu and heat from the mobo will warm it. As far as the fan configuration, as long as cool air from outside the case is being pushed or pulled over the radiator, it doesn't make a difference. The Noctua fans are reasonable for the performance they give, but if you find yourself short on budget and still want to get a no-frills high-performing fan, the Arctic F12 PWM is a good choice. Likewise, if the blade is angled down and the fan turns the opposite direction, the reverse is true. Joined Jan 13, 2008 Messages 74.

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