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Every time your character gains a level, a number of points equal to EqCurr at the time is added to EqBonus. You might want your characters' raw stats without wearing any final equipment to be perfected, or you might want to leave some room for final equipment bonuses in the target calculations. (Thanks to genkaku666 for suggesting this strategy! Click here. Including final equipment in the calculations is simple. Going from level 1-10, Knight gives you 9% more PA than Chemist. This guide will also cover a third alternative, a "balanced" approach which maximizes the sum of his/her Str and Mag while minimizing their difference, so that both of these stats are raised as evenly as possible.     = 31 + [(98 + SprEqBonus) / 32] + SprEqCurr. MP. Reis has absolutely ridiculous stat growths in her Dragoner/Dragon Kin class. 6.1. Balanced Quina won't lose any net stats, but will become less balanced. Similarly, setting Mag to 87 or 86 will yield even better results. With this setup, Dagger's Spirit will end up being: Spr = 31 + [(SprEqBonus + 98) / 32] + SprEqCurr Use this option if you want your characters' stats to be a bit lower than their theoretical max while unequipped, and rely on temporary bonuses from the recommended set of final equipment to bring their effective stats up to a perfect amount. Barbut, Bronze Gloves or Mythril Gloves, Plate Mail, Pearl Rouge, At any time: Min-maxing to the extreme. Furthermore, if all variables are also constrained to be integers, then the problem becomes an integer linear program (ILP). Final Fantasy Tactics Newbie Guide If you're new to Final Fantasy Tactics or to the tactical genre, this game might prove extremely daunting and hard to play. Some setups will require rare and hard-to-obtain items, so be prepared to spend extra effort to find them all. While maintaining 50 Spirit, the highest MagEqBonus that can be achieved is 908, which yields 89 Magic when rounded down. The number of bonus points to her Magic can be calculated as: MagEqBonus = 2 x_magicracket + x_holymiter + 2 x_magicarmlet + 2 x_minervasplate + x_robeoflords + x_barette + 2 x_cachusha + 2 x_darkmatter + x_glassbuckle + 2 x_pearlrouge + 3 x_ribbon. On the other hand, since Spirit is capped at a maximum value of 50, characters whose Spr is already maxed out will simply lose any Spr bonus provided by their final equipment. No. by Casey Ormond v2), Decided to bite the bullet and make one of those anti-piracy screens which are trending at the moment. In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, your stats get better each level depending on your class. That's your last chance to defeat Tantarian and receive 12585 Exp if you choose to do so. Here you'll also find information on how to distribute all the forced experience in order to minimize everyone's stat loss. Yes I have one file I am leveling up as a ninja and levling down as a bard or dancer. Using Dagger as an example, we know her optimal stats in the ordered approach (without final equipment or forced experience) is 50 Spr, 89 Mag, 56 Str, and 30 Spd, for a grand total of 225. It's possible to have multiple party members absorb the experience from a single battle. No animals were harmed in the writing of this guide, but if you decide to print this out on paper, some plants will be harmed. Welcome to the perfect stats guide for Final Fantasy IX! The most unique function that Final Fantasy 2 possesses is how your characters evolve and gain more strength, endurance, hit points and magic points. Can multiple characters split forced experience from a battle. Again the answer is no - having only 890 is already sufficient, and the extra 18 points are simply rounded away. Having a tight bound like this helps reduce the search effort by allowing the algorithm to quickly reject a larger number of possibilities. In the first 20 levels it's about a 36% gain. SprEqCurr = 3, Spr = 15 + [33 * 3 / 20] + [(23 * 1 + 37) / 32] + 3 i want fast ways to level up, even if they make me bored. Balanced Quina may also take on Abadon without net stat loss if you are willing to upset the stat balance. In short, yes, the class you level up in determines your stat growth when you level. [–]Silver-creek 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child). Their effective stats while wearing any Spr-boosting final equipment will be lower than what you can otherwise achieve. That's almost as much as you do in the next 80. [–]metroidcomposite 3 points4 points5 points 3 years ago* (0 children). and join one of thousands of communities. This branch is therefore worth exploring further by trying different values of Str and Spd while keeping Mag at 88. Comments, suggestions, corrections, improvements. Doing this will reduce the maximum level anyone reaches, and might theoretically reduce the impact on stats. Getting it, however, puts you under a severe time constraint. Mages who care about MP want to gain their first 10 or so levels in mage jobs. Using the variables, constraints, and objective function seen above, we can find the maximum achievable SprEqBonus with the following ILP: Constraints: This page contains CodeBreaker/Gameshark cheat codes for Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation 1. Since there will be unavoidable experience from forced battles, there will always be someone who must absorb the experience and sacrifice some of his/her stats in the process. Please refer to his guide if you want a more thorough explanation. [–]flybypost 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children). Stat growths are borderline irrelevant, with edge case exceptions. Stat Growth in Tactics (self.finalfantasytactics). In short, you need to upgrade to a gold chocobo, find Yans and get Virus status for all your party (to avoid the upcoming Exp), and defeat Ozma using your Virus'd Level 1 party. As such, there can be many different interpretations of how stats should be perfected. All email messages pertaining to this guide, stat maximization, and any related issues are welcome. Generally, you'll get stats related to that class, so magic users get extra bonuses to MA, etc. As a general rule, only one character should absorb the full Exp from any single battle. where SprEqBonus is the sum of all bonuses for Spirit from equipment, which is: SprEqBonus = 2 x_stardustrod + x_bandana + 2 x_holymiter + 2 x_nkaiarmlet + 3 x_darkgear + x_robeoflords + x_barette + 2 x_blackbelt + x_cachusha + 2 x_glassbuckle + 4 x_pearlrouge + x_ribbon. Because stat growth is limited by level-ups and access to stat-boosting equipment, how high each stat can become will depend on how you choose to play the game and distribute bonus points. If Str or Mag become greater than 99, they will be adjusted down to 99. The number of levels gained with these equipment is fixed, determined by the amount of Exp gained from the battle. He/she is a mixed physical attacker and Blue Magic user, although damage from his/her physical attacks is extremely random and damage from Blue Magic is rarely determined by the Magic stat. According to Terence's discoveries outlined in KADFC's Max Stats FAQ on, the values of stats that you see in the game's Equip and Status menus are calculated using the following formulas: Spd = SpdBase + [Lv * 1 / 10] + [(LvUps * 0 + SpdEqBonus) / 32] + SpdEqCurr ), 4.4. x_darkgear + x_minervasplate + x_powervest + x_robeoflords = 98 Some setups could also have been manually simplified to reduce the number of times you need to switch equipment. Even at level 70 without any level-down gimmicks or exploits, the end game is a cakewalk. If you spot an error, omission, or anything that's not explained clearly in this guide, then I'd really like to hear about it. The source code for the calculator, written in Java, can be downloaded from Ideally, you want to gain levels as classes with high stat growths, and then, maybe you want to switch over to a class with high stat multipliers. The items under the "At any time" heading come with a number that tells you how many level-ups your character should gain while wearing that item. Feel free to contact me if you have a different idea of perfect stats that isn't covered by this guide. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This factor addresses whether temporary stat bonuses granted by final equipment should be considered in the calculations. Final Fantasy Tactics PlayStation También disponible en PlayStation Network Un clásico del PSOne, uno de los mejores juegos de estrategia que hayan existido. Solving this ILP gives the optimal SprEqBonus = 1274, which involves training all 98 level-ups with Stardust Rod, Holy Miter, N-Kai Armlet, Dark Gear, and Pearl Rouge. Which character absorbs the experience from each forced battle is a decision you'll need to make for your stat path. Original Soundtrack from the Gameboy Advance game "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance". In the first 10 levels a dedicated wizard will gain 24% MP on a dedicated Chemist. x_barette + x_blackbelt + x_cachusha + x_darkmatter + x_glassbuckle + x_pearlrouge + x_ribbon + x_runningshoes = 98. Terms enclosed in [square brackets] are rounded down to the nearest whole number before they are added to the result. Relatively efficient ways to solve this class of problems have been found, the most well-known being the Simplex algorithm. It can be useful for certain challenges though. Thanks to KADFC for his Max Stats Guide, and especially Terence for discovering the formulas that govern stat growth! All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Most items that can be equipped have various abilities assigned to them, each available for use by characters of a certain Job while the item is equipped.     = 15 + 4 + 1 + 3 [–]ReynAetherwindt 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (2 children). Translating this into an ILP, we get: Constraints: The optimal stats for the ordered approach without final equipment that each character can achieve, if they don't absorb any forced experience, are: And the effects of absorbing forced experience on each character's stats are: Doing an Excalibur II speed run makes no difference for these stat paths. You must avoid gaining levels in the forced battle against Plant Spiders by making sure only two of them are in the enemy party, and their experience is divided among all four of your party members for 11 Exp each. Or you can consider the combined sum of all stats, trading a small number of points from more important stats in exchange for a higher number of points to less important ones. Section 3 of this guide will help you make your choices and form your personal path. Thanks to aladore384, AtmaChild, camdad04, Cheezeman3000, genkaku666, Non Applicable, scprestige21, SoftReset, Vir27, Vizuino, and many others who participated on the GameFaqs discussion board, for their input, suggestions, support, and contributions to the Excalibur II Perfect Game. It consists of a set of variables, a set of constraints, and an objective function. Rendered by PID 3978 on r2-app-0ed156cda2613d94f at 2021-01-07 23:46:39.968304+00:00 running 3164150 country code: US. and similarly for the other stats. Also shown are the characters who can equip each item (in this order: Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, Steiner, Freya, Quina, Eiko, Amarant, Marcus), and whether each is available when you fight Tantarian and in Pandemonium. In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, your stats get better each level depending on your class . —Description Raptor is a Job in Final Fantasy Tactics A3, only accessible to Gria. Are all of the 908 bonus points necessary to achieve 89 Magic? Can Steiner get better stats by using Defender in Pandemonium. This has the interesting consequence where if your growth value is very good (say 6) then low levels make a huge difference. Again, yes… but like the other posts have mentioned, the difference is often not that big and you can play through the game without worrying about it. Now with the value of Spirit settled, the next priority is Magic. [NDS] Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Quick Level Up (1-up) C0000000 00000017 2212B13B 00000063 DC000000 0000011C D2000000 00000000 (credit goes to Chaza) Quick Level Up (3-up) C0000000 00000017 2212B13B 000000FF DC000000 This is probably the single hardest item to obtain. For example, the equipment that Dagger can equip for the Tantarian battle during a speed run can be represented by these variables: To reflect the fact that each equipment is responsible for 17 level-ups for the Tantarian battle, their stat bonuses are multiplied by 17 in the equipment bonus calculations. Simply equip each item for exactly the prescribed number of level-ups, and you'll achieve perfect stats when you reach level 99! On a target all mission kill all enemies first then keep healing yourselft it use potions on yourself until you reach level 50 or get bored this well work More cheats, codes, tips and tricks for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are on this page of our website. In fact, the number of possibilities becomes so high when all five types of equipment are considered, that even a computer would take millions of years to "try them all" using a naive approach. The equipment setups given in this guide and the stats calculator contain a list of items that you need to equip in each situation. Points added to EqBonus accumulate through level-ups and are never taken away. MA -- literally every class except Mime has the same MA growth. This does … Make sure to equip them with the proper setup for Pandemonium before you venture out of Terra.     = 73. which of course is a huge waste since it will be capped at 50. And the maximum achievable MagEqBonus Dagger can achieve, without ruining her Spirit, can be found by solving the following ILP: Constraints: But yes, you could max out your stats and destroy the hardest challenges while naked. We can now define an additional constraint to represent exactly this fact: As long as this constraint is obeyed, Spirit is guaranteed to be optimal. "I want perfect stats! The calculator doesn't have the algorithm to directly calculate stats for balanced Quina. ... (same equipment constraints as before). MagEqBonus >= 890 How to permanently raise/lower Bravery/Faith stats in Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions? Since you can't change equipment mid-battle, this will always be a single set. Level 2 Squire Base Stats Edit Move - 4 Jump - 3 Evade - 5% Abilities Edit Black Magic Edit Wizard job command. This character won't level up during the Pandemonium battles, so you are free to equip anything without worrying about stats. Equip Freya with Barbut, Mythril Gloves, Plate Mail, Pearl Rouge, and any weapon you like before triggering the battle with Tantarian. The first is in Evil Forest, after defeating Plant Brain. / (98! MagEqBonus >= 890 (Thanks to genkaku666 for suggesting this strategy! Go wild with whatever you want. Ordered approach, without final equipment, Combined approach, without final equipment, Ordered approach, with recommended final equipment, Combined approach, with recommended final equipment, It's not necessarily best to always greedily choose gear that simply gives the highest bonus. In the example, "57 Barbut, 24 Kaiser Helm" means the character should gain 57 levels while wearing a Barbut, and gain another 24 levels wearing a Kaiser Helm. The benefits of one character avoiding 3 level-ups is easily offset by the other one gaining 14. To get around this problem, you can start training them with their "Any time" setup before you enter Pandemonium, up to a point where one of them is at least 26377 Exp away from the next level-up. besides, i'm always LEVELS up on map clans, though they are equal to your power, i only get like 5 exp a hit. Repeating the same kind of calculations will eventually exhaust all remaining possibilities. It's clearly optimal to have Dagger defeat Shell Dragon and Freya defeat Amdusias since they don't lead to any stat loss. Consider the simplest case for Dagger, with the ordered approach without any final equipment and without absorbing forced experience. The effect is fairly small to medium in size; certainly not enough to impact your ability to beat the game if you fail to micromanage it. EqCurr is only a temporary value. On the other hand, if your growth value is like 100, then it doesn't make much of a difference, you get a very minor gain at every level. Thus Dagger's SprEqBonus formula would gain all these terms, with coefficients that are multiples of 17: SprEqBonus = 34 t_stardustrod + 17 t_bandana + 17 t_lamiastiara + 17 t_robeoflords + 34 t_survivalvest + 17 t_mythrilarmlet + 17 t_leatherwrist + 17 t_barette + 17 t_cachusha + 17 t_extension + 17 t_anklet + 34 t_blackbelt + 34 t_glassbuckle + 68 t_pearlrouge + 2 x_stardustrod + x_bandana + 2 x_holymiter + 2 x_nkaiarmlet + 3 x_darkgear + x_robeoflords + x_barette + 2 x_blackbelt + x_cachusha + 2 x_glassbuckle + 4 x_pearlrouge + x_ribbon. We know, we've been there before. If it matters to you that much, save it for a future playthrough and plan ahead for it. Head: 57 Barbut, 24 Kaiser Helm Good algorithms for solving ILPs are very complex and I didn't implement any myself.     = 17 + [99 * 3 / 20] + [(98 + SprEqBonus) / 32] + SprEqCurr * (5 - 1)!) Both Dagger and Quina require the Holy Miter in their Pandemonium setups, but only one copy is available at that time. Taking base stat values and level-up bonuses into account, that means the sum of Str+Spd can be as high as 89 in this case. If you're not doing a speed run, then Vivi is preferable since he doesn't lose 2 primary stat points unlike Amarant. x_magicracket + x_stardustrod = 98 If you choose to get the Excalibur II, you'll have a much harder time collecting all the necessary stat-boosting items. Please report any posts that do not adhere to these rules, or Reddit's sitewide rules. SprEqBonus = 9 * 1 + 14 * 2 = 37 Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy Tactics series, Final Fantasy series 1997 PS Leaderboard Guides Resources Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games Moderated by: eLmaGus eLmaGus, noxlol noxlol, Dreamlander Dreamlander x_bandana + x_greenberet + x_holymiter = 98 He has a chance to instead gain 23–27 HP upon leveling up. Lv is effectively a constant, it will always reach 99 for all characters. This table lists all equipment that gives bonus points to at least one stat. 6.3. SprEqBonus >= 510 One such possibility is keeping Spr at 50 and Mag at 89, but lowering Str to 55. To get around this problem, you can start training them with their "Any time" setup before you enter Pandemonium, up to a point where one of them is at least 26377 Exp away from the next level-up. If you choose to use a set that grants even higher bonuses than the recommended amount, you still risk wasting those bonus points. True enough. If this could allow Spd to increase by 2 or more, then that would give a better solution. If a unit stays a chemist, archer, or bard all the way up to level 99, they're gonna have noticeably bad stats compared to other level 99s. There are 25 Job classes in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that govern a character's stats, equipment, and abilities. If you want to have a pure chemist, archer or bard what do you do then? Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and Red XIII through the mean streets of Midgar, but the going is a little tougher than before. We can calculate that a maximum StrEqBonus+SpdEqBonus of 224 can be achieved with Spr at 50 and Mag at 88. Stat growths, not to be confused by stat multipliers, are how much a character’s base stats go up when they level in a certain class. Calculating optimal stats for the combined approach and other factors. LvUps can go as high as 98 (or 196 for Eiko if you use the Eiko/Marcus glitch) by having all your characters join your party at level 1. = 4249575. On the other hand, any gain made to EqBonus is permanent. If Spr or Spd become greater than 50, they will be adjusted down to 50. have x1.37 times as much MA at level 20. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. If you change the items equipped on a character, EqCurr will also change to update your character's effective stats. Defeat Tantarian and have Freya absorb all of its experience (KO all other characters before the battle ends), gaining 17 levels. Why don't the guide and the calculator give the same setups. As an example, consider the case for Dagger: Base stats at level 1: 17 Spirit, 23 Magic, 14 Strength, 21 Speed. Combined approach, with recommended final equipment. It reportedly takes about 150 hours of non-stop battles to take full advantage of this glitch (i.e. 5.4. [–]cold-hard-steel 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (2 children). Due to the Eiko/Marcus glitch, Eiko's EqBonus and LvUps include both values gained by Eiko herself, plus those gained by Marcus during his brief stay in your party in Disc 2. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 3978 on r2-app-0ed156cda2613d94f at 2021-01-07 23:46:39.968304+00:00 running 3164150 country code: US. [–]bluehabit[S] 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child). You have problem!?". The only real choices are whether you want to exchange two points of Freya's Magic to defeat Tantarian, and whether you want to have Quina in a balanced stat orientation. Please remember other guides and the message board on GameFaqs are also excellent places to get help. Ordered approach, with recommended final equipment. A character absorbing its full 12585 Exp will gain 17 levels. Some items will be completely inaccessible under the time constraint, which might force you to take higher stat losses. If you remove the equipment or switch to a weaker set, stats will no longer look perfect. Don't let Freya gain any more levels until you get all the remaining equipment. Since it is not possible to change equipment mid-battle, the variables will represent whether the equipment is used during the forced battle, not the number of levels. Once you've leveled up what you want, it usually best to switch to another class and use that as their secondary. I highly recommend Atomos199's Excalibur II Perfect Game Guide to help you through the game without gaining levels plus practically anything else you might want to accomplish along the way. As the formula suggests, Lv, LvUps, and EqBonus are the three quantities that contribute to permanent stat growth. These bonuses do stack, mind you--the full 1-50 as Knight gives you about 30% more PA than 1-50 as Chemist. There are only three places where you're forced to absorb experience points. Your choices for two main factors will determine the general approach to follow, and five additional factors will have more targeted impact on specific characters. Thanks to Vizuino for spotting the errors. Ovelia Worries- purpleschala (solo piano arr. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. This option is arguably better in the practical sense. This section is divided into four parts, each one covering one common interpretation of perfect stats. These choices affect the availability of items in specific situations and the growth path of individual characters. [–]desireewhitehall 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children). You can decide if these disadvantages are worth trading for the sword. For Abadon, Steiner loses one primary plus one secondary stat point, more than anyone else. Strength is the primary stat for Zidane, Steiner, Freya, and Amarant. It makes sense to define variables as the number of level-ups to train with each piece of equipment, because this is the number we're trying to find for the optimal setup. Many of the game's best gear, such as Robe of Lords, Ribbon, and Protect Ring, provide a bonus to Spirit. An entry like "4 Bronze Gloves or Dragon Wrist or Mythril Gloves" means you should gain a total of 4 levels while wearing any of those items. This section gives an overview of all the theory and algorithms that go into finding optimal setups. There are people far more knowledgeable about certain aspects of the game than I am. Usually this happens naturally. You will need to decide which characters you want to dispatch for each battle, and the next section will give you all the information to make that decision. But like...overall, skills matter way more than stat growths. In practice however, I've never found a case where this helps. 3.3. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: The perfect place to ask for advice, post tips, and discuss any of the Final Fantasy Tactics games! For more detail than you could ever possibly want, see section 7.1 of this guide. Most of the best stat-boosting gear only becomes available very late in the game, so you must save as many level-ups as possible until then in order to take full advantage of them. Finally, three consecutive forced battles in Pandemonium will give you 26376 Exp a piece. So, if you have a pure magic user, it is to your detriment to have him ever level up as x_magicarmlet + x_nkaiarmlet + x_powerwrist = 98. Using this ILP: Objective to maximize: This type of problem is generally difficult to solve due to the enormous number of possible combinations, as you would know if you ever tried solving it by hand. Would that adversely affect his stats moving forwards? The four stats that can be increased permanently in FF9 are Speed (Spd), Strength (Str), Magic (Mag), and Spirit (Spr). This will complete the equipment setup and give Freya her target stats. Use this option if you want to bring your characters' stats to their highest possible values, ignoring any equipment that may be used after reaching level 99. For example, with final equipment that raises Spirit by 3, the calculator proceeds as if the theoretical max for Spirit is 47 instead of 50. Perfecting stats in FF9 is no trivial matter. Knight has 40, Chemist has 75. Body: 81 Minerva's Plate     = 23. Level up their skills that you want, then change to another class but use some of the other previous job abilities? The idea behind the trick is that the unit levels up in a job with strong stat growth (low C values) such as Ninja or Mime , and then levels down using Mindflare's Level Blast technique, or one of the many Degenerator traps scattered throughout the game's battlefields, with a class with poor stat growth (high C values), such as Bard or … You've noticed well. Mathematicians have devoted a considerable amount of research on solving optimization problems because of their practical applications.     = 31 + [(1274 + 98) / 32] + 0 The ILP would look something like this: Constraints: Freya can defeat Tantarian without losing any primary stats and Steiner can do the same with Abadon, so they are more preferable than the other options. With this option, your characters' stats are guaranteed never to drop below their perfect target values. Unfortunately, the formula contains a term in [ square brackets ] that needs to be rounded down. Use this option if you want to prioritize maximizing more important stats first, even if it severely decreases the growth potential of less important stats. Looking for the Perfect Stats calculator? 5.5. Levelling from 1-20 with a growth value of 6 gives you... You nearly quadruple that stat in the first 20 levels. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright. For example, if the calculator returns a solution that requires a hard-to-find item in Pandemonium, I could have chosen to find a different solution which doesn't need that item. If you use this along with the ordered approach for stat priority, then all your characters' Spirit will stay at a uniform value of 50. Each part will then address any applicable character or gameplay-specific factors on a case-by-case basis. Finally, the objective is the quantity that we're seeking to maximize, namely the number of stat points. Because there's less strain on raising Spirit to 50, this option will allow other stats to grow higher. Final Fantasy Tactics: 5 Must-Try Character Jobs (& 5 To Skip) Final Fantasy Tactics is a deep game with a class system that can be overwhelming. [–]GFP_Smogan 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (1 child). I've never died so many times in the first couple battles of a JRPG before. ... (same equipment constraints as before). [–]ReynAetherwindt 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child). If you choose to fight Tantarian, only Freya, Vivi, and Amarant can get away with only 1 point of net loss. How do I get Robe of Lords before Pandemonium in a speed run. If you want to know the edge the way stat growths work, lower is better, and you take the level you're levelling to and the level you started from, so ex, if you level from level 1 to level 20 with a growth value of 50 your MA gets multiplied by. This guide will primarily focus on stat growth and equipment setups, and won't go into walkthroughs, battle strategies, or item locations. The eponymous first game in the series, published in 1987, was conceived by Sakaguchi as his last-ditch effort in the game industry; the title was a success and spawned sequels. In short, yes, the class you level up in determines your stat growth when you level. HP -- Growth numbers are quite high for this, which can make it relevant in the early levels, but with nearly every easily unlockable class having 10, 11, or 12, the variation is too minor to worry about. Is stat growth in this game linked to what job type a character was at the time of a level up? Version 3.10 (June 24, 2014) (And more than half of that happens in the first 10). Personally, I try to ignore it, because stressing about it robs me of the fun of the game.

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